Champagne infused iced tea exclusively made in New Orleans... There is nothing else like it in the world!

Pelican On Deck (POD) offers a new alcoholic beverages in its champagne – infused rose’ iced tea.

Nathaniel James Lawrence, founder and owner of POD, invented the beverage after working in the five star restaurants and hotel industry in New Orleans for many years. His hospitality experience has helped him to acquire knowledge of wine mixology and research.

Pelican On Deck has been authorized to transact business in the State of Louisiana as a limited liability company as of February 2013.
Moreover, the product is patent and trademarked at the national and international levels. Currently POD is undergoing thee process of becoming licensed as it complies with the state and federal regulations for selling/distributing an alcohol beverage.

Currently POD is available to customers via simulated taste testing by the gallon and in eight ounce bottles. Eventually, with the contract of a distributor, customers will be able to buy POD from local supermarkets, Wine markets, and exclusive bars by the summer of 2015.

Drink BIG!
Champagne infused iced tea exclusively made in New Orleans. Nothing else like it in the world!